Best of Mongolia tour

During the” Best of Mongolia” tour you will be visiting most of the highlighted places all Mongolia has to offer, from empty Gobi Desert to the Pristine lake Khuvsgul. This tour is designed to let people explore as much as possible about Mongolian culture, tradition, wildlife and nature in as little as 10 days, but without tiredness. That’s why our schedule on this tour is mixed with flying and driving, which is give you more space to enjoy and explore. Experience with us some of the Mongolia's most breath-taking mountain scenery, along with some of the finest archaeological sites.

Category - Discovery tours

Lenght - 10 Days / 9 Nights

Destinations - Gobi, Central and Northern Mongolia

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As you requested

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Driving 1800 kms / Flying 3 hours


May 15 - September 15


Vulture Valley, Khongor sand dunes, Bayanzag, Karakorum - Erdene Zuu, Khorgo - Terkh National Park, Khuvsgul Lake National Park, horse and camel riding, nomadic and reindeer family visit, see complex of deer stones, real Mongolian barbecue Khorkhog

Classic introduction to Mongolian nature, landscape, culture and religion.

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Join us on our “Best of Mongolia” tour, which is takes you  through central ,southern and northern Mongolia that gives chance to explore the most highlighted places such as Vulture valley, Khongor sand dune, ancient capital Karakorum, Deep blue Khuvsgul Lake,  Erdene Zuu Monastery and many more. Traveling along Gobi desert, central Mongolian vast steppe, and northern mountains, experiencing nomadic culture will be fabulous memory of your life.

Brief itinerary

Day 1. Flight to Gobi - Vulture Valley

Day 2. Khongor Sand Dune

Day 3. Bayanzag - Ongi  Temple Ruins

Day 4. Karakorum - Erdene Zuu Monastery

Day 5. Tsenkher Hot Spring

Day 6. Khorgo - Terkh National Park

Day 7. Shine Ider village

Day 8. Khuvsgul Lake National Park

Day 9. Khuvsgul Lake National Park

Day 10. Flight back to Ulaanbaatar

Day 1. Flight to Gobi - Vulture Valley 

Early morning, we will pick you up from your accommodation and transfer to the airport to take an early flight to Dalanzadgad, the provincial center of South-Gobi province. The flight takes hour and a half, and the Wild & Vast tour’s team will be waiting for you at Dalanzadgad airport. Check in Ger camp, after lunch drive to Vulture Valley, well known as Yolyn Am that located in Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park. The area is beautiful picturesque place with ice fields even in summer, and surrounded by sheer rocky walls, forming incredible canyons. Visit to local Gobi museum and hiking activity following the small springs which is runs through the valley or you can ride the horse to reach the ice fields.  Come back to the camp in the late afternoon, dinner and free time. Overnight in Ger camp. L D

Day 2. Khongor Sand Dunes - Camel trek 

Today we will drive through the ancient sea bed to reach the Khongor sand dunes, the largest dunes in Mongolia. 180 km long by 20 km wide, Khongor sand dunes are one of the most spectacular scenery of the Gobi Desert. They can reach 200 meters high and the sounds they produce under the influence of wind gave them the nickname of "Singing dunes". They are crossed by the Khongor River, which creates contrasting green oasis in the middle of the desert sand. Camel riding is one of the main fun activities you can do while you are in the Gobi. Camel trekking may not be the most comfortable means of travelling for some but it is undoubtedly a 'must' for every traveler as a way to experience the mode of transport of the Mongolian nomads of the Gobi.  Overnight in Ger camp. B L D

Day 3. Bayanzag - Ongi Temple Ruins - Nomad Family Visit 

After breakfast, drive to Bayanzag  known as Flaming cliffs, where American explorer Roy Chapman Andrews found cemetery of dinosaurs and the first dinosaur eggs ever discovered in the world. It is an interesting place to wander about and to get a closer look at one of the world’s most famous paleontological sites. After lunch at the camp, continue our way driving to Ongi Temple ruins. On the way to Ongi temple ruins we will visit to nomad family and introduced the nomadic life in the Gobi. Ongi Temple, which is now an active small monastery with a temple, was one of the Mongolian biggest 7 monasteries. There are 2 temple ruins which were built up in 1780s. During repression in 1930’s these two temples destroyed and many lamas were executed and imprisoned.  Arrive at the camp, and after seeing sightseeing of Ongiin khiid overnight stay in Ger camp.  B L D

Day 4. Karakorum - Erdene Zuu Monastery 

Today we will reach to Central Mongolia. After few days traveling in the Gobi area it is interesting to see the change a weather and nature scene. Karakorum was the capital of Great Mongol Empire in 13 th century. In that time, it was a political, economic and cultural center of the vast Mongol Empire, housing great palaces, mosques, churches and monasteries, representing many of the world’s religions. We will visit to the largest and oldest monastery Erdene Zuu and  Kharkhorin museum where see the artifacts from Great Mongol Empire, Stone Age, Bronze Age etc. Also, we will see Phallic and Turtle rocks.  Overnight in Ger camp. B L D

Day 5. Tsenkher hot spring - Nomad Family Visit 

Drive to Tsenkher hot spring, which lies south of Tsetserleg town in Arkhangai province. Tsenkher hot springs have healing properties notably on articular diseases and nervous system’s diseases. There are several tourist camps which are offering for tourists indoor and outdoor baths. They transfer the hot water via tubes from and built some pools. Curative water and amazing nature featured by wooden mountains make this an excellent place for relax. Before we reach to the camp we will visit to nomads who are living in Khangai, steppe and mountain area. You will be invited to their Gers and offered to taste traditional dairy products including famous airag and see some differences among life in the Gobi and Khangai area. In the evening have spa bath and relax at Ger camp. Overnight in Ger camp. B L D

Day 6. Khorgo - Terkh National Park 

Today’s our destination is Khorgo extinct volcano and Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake. The National Park is one of the main travel destinations of Mongolia and offers great activities such as hiking, swimming, fishing and horse riding. It was established to protect the spectacular mountain scenery and endangered species of flora and fauna. It’s surrounded by the Khangai Mountains, which reach as 3000 meters above sea level. Over comparatively small area here there are dozens of so extinct volcanoes. Upon arrival of the Khorgo -Terkh National Park, we will climb up to the top of Khorgo crater and see the whole view, which is superb. In the evening enjoy free hiking around the lake shore. Overnight in Ger camp. B L D

Day 7. Shine Ider Village 

We will have an overnight stop close to the Shine ider village. One third of today’s driving will take place along beautiful Lake Terkh White with the views of water birds. We also pass high mountain pass of a forested mountain. Arrival and hike through the forest or just relax in the nature. Evening we will have a real Mongolian barbecue Khorkhog for dinner. Overnight in Ger camp. B L D

Day 8. Khuvsgul Lake National Park 

Today we will drive to Khuvsgul Lake, which is known as the second clearest lake in Central Asia. On the way we will visit to see Deer stones. The deer stones spread widely in Central Asia. 600 deer stones were found in Central Asia. 500 of them were found in the territory of Mongolia. Deer stone is the first monuments of human. The earliest of them belong to XIII-IX century BC while most of them belong to the Bronze Age. Continue travel to Lake Khuvsgul, as a dubbed as Mongolia Switzerland and a lake surrounded with green forest mountains and water is crystal clear so that you can see bottom of lake. Arrive at the Khuvsgul Lake National Park, after some relaxations explore the surroundings and enjoy the natural beauty of the region. Overnight in Ger camp. B L D

Day 9. Khuvsgul Lake - Visit Reindeer Herding Family - Horse Riding

After breakfast, we will drive to the reindeer herding people to explore and to learn their daily life, reindeer people's customs and sacraments. The Reindeer Herders / Tsaatan people live in the depths of the taiga forest. Few reindeer are the main resource of their livelihood. In summer months, mostly in July and August, few reindeer families move down from mountain close to the lake to increase their livelihood. After lunch, we will spend rest of the day horse riding around the lake area and our horse riding activity suitable from beginners to advanced riders. Overnight in Ger camp. B L D

Day 10. Fly back to Ulaanbaatar 

Early morning, drive to Murun town for your flight to Ulaanbaatar. The flight will take one and a half hour. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, and you will be transferred to your accommodation. End of the tour. B

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Accommodation –  During your countryside stay we provide standard tourist Ger camp accommodations, carefully chosen by their location, service standard, as well as feedbacks from our customers. Most of the tourist camps supply the Mongolian traditional dwelling Ger as guest’s accommodation. Normally, two or three beds are in one Ger. If client want to stay alone in a Ger there will be additional charge. The camp provides restaurant / bar, western style toilet, washing facilities and showers (separate blocks, not in the Ger) and laundry services. Accommodations in Ulaanbaatar does not include, but if you wish, we can book your hotel in Ulaanbaatar in our contracted prices from choices of 2-5 stars.

Meal –  When you stay in Ger camps, the camp provides meals of mostly western cuisine and also Mongolian traditional cuisine. Somedays will be picnic lunch or on the way we will pass local restaurants or cuisine.  Most of the Mongolian traditional meal is based on meat, choices of beef, mutton, goat, chicken and, even sometimes yak. So, please let us know if you have special request. It is also available to have and taste traditional dairy products when you visit to nomad families. Bottled mineral waters included in all our trips.

Transportation - In the countryside we use 4 WD vehicles, Japanese or Korean minivans as well as Japanese Jeeps. Prices on this tour are based on usage of Japanese or Korean minivans (max 4 passengers for one car with air conditioned), to ensure your highest comfort. During the Best of Mongolia tour, we will be driving approx 100 - 300 kms daily. 

Guide & Drivers – We offer you the best ones in our industry by their knowledge, customer care, personality. All our tour guides are highly experienced (minimum of 3 years) and have an excellent level of language, knowledge of our Mongolian culture and custom & tradition. About tour drivers they know their duty, road and vehicles as well as how to make you comfortable in long ride.


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9 Nights in Tourist Ger camps (twin share)

4 WD Vehicle in the countryside

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Airport transfers for arrival / departure

Meals as listed (B-Breakfast, L-Lunch, D-Dinner)

Sightseeing and Entrance fees according to the itinerary

English speaking guide

Daily water supply

Camel and Horse riding fees

Visa support invitation letter where applicable

Accommodations in Ulaanbaatar

International airfare / train tickets+ tax

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