Payment methods:
We accept Wire TransferCredit Card and Western Union. Detailed information and steps please see below: 



We can accept payment online by credit cards including Visa card and Master cards.

Wild&Vast Tour LLC connects with Golomt Bank of Mongolia  ( to accept Online Card Payment. 
All of your card information is processed through SSL protocol with international card security standard. 
Note: When you pay by Credit Card, please add 4% of bank commission. 

Please be aware when  making online payment Golomt Bank of Mongolia will automatically convert  your

currency to MNT. Check the official exchange rates from following




Bank transfer's advantage is that the transfer charge is not much as Western union or credit card. But it takes longer time. It usually takes

about 3 working days for the remittance to reach us. Once we receive your booking form, we will send it to you further details.

Please note that the international bank transmission charges are covered by the client.

After you send the money, kindly provide us a copy of each transaction to your tour manager via email.


Western Union is the fastest way to pay us. We can get your money in a couple of minutes after you send the money. 
So it is an ideal way for the late bookings.
Once we receive your booking form, we will send it to you further details.
After you send us the money, please tell us the full name of the Sender's first name and the sender's last name, sum of money, details of

your address, and also the Money Transfer Control Number provided by Western Union.