Bayanzag is located near by Bulgan Village, 597 km away to the south west of Ulaanbaatar city in Umnugobi province. This area is the birthplace of dinosaurs, and is renowned worldwide for the number of cretaceous dinosaur eggs and bones found here, which are discovered by famous American paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews in 1922. In the same area he discovered petrified forests, remains of mammals and in particular the skeleton of a hornless rhinoceros, the largest known mammal in the world. Other finds in this location were complete dinosaur skeletons, eggs with a diameter of 10-15cm and hatch longs from the Cretaceous Period. Mongolia is considered second country of dinosaur finds while USA is first and 330 types of dinosaurs have been found in the world and 60 types of them are belong to Mongolia. This place is popular with the name “Flaming Cliffs” in the world, because American archeologists called so when they were in the Gobi in 1922. Not so far from the Flaming Cliffs, there is a forest of saxaul trees –Gobi trees with extremely deep roots. Bayanzag literally means "Rich in saxual trees". This tree only grows in central Asian Gobi. The tree is always green even in very dry summers. It supports nomads' animals with emergency feed in some very dry summers.