Tourist Ger camps in the Countryside

The country is covered by a network of Ger camps, spread through main travel destinations. Ger camps is  the most suitable accommodation meaning, adapted to country’s condition and from other hand  promoting the Mongolian way of life. Ger is portable, easily assembled and disassembled, and the most natural dwelling on earth. A Ger consists of felt covers, wooden columns, and a round window at the top, thin wooden poles and floor, wall (wooden lattice attached together with animal hide, ropes) and ropes. Most of Ger materials are made of animals like felt- sheep wool, ropes- camel or sheep wool, horse or yak’s tail, and of course wood.

The Ger roof is covered with felt and plastic covers, so rain doesn't enter into the roof. The wall is covered with felt and special cover, so the wind doesn't enter into the Ger. In summer hottest days, half-1/3 of wall is folded up and nice breeze can enter the Ger and it is really good comfortable space to avoid from heating. In coldest nights, Ger keepers will make fire in the stove in your Ger and it will be easily enough warming.

The Ger camp is a set of 20-30 Mongolian traditional Gers, and normally 2-4 single beds are in one Ger with clean linens, wooden drawers, a table, chairs, hanger and a wood burning stove.

Usually one bigger Ger-restaurant, and serves Mongolian traditional cuisine and European dishes as well.

Many camps have fully equipped sanitary facilities in conformity with the international tourist service standard such as hot and cold showers, sauna, laundry (some ger camps) and western toilet in separate building.
The travelers should be ready to not found the sanitary facilities right inside the Ger, but apart.  

At most of tourist camps, their Gers are connected with electricity and you will have light and socket for recharging your cameras and batteries, but there is no Wi-Fi connection.