During your stay in Ulaanbaatar we provide downtown located 3 & 4 star hotels on comfortable double room base with breakfast.

Depends on your tour program a city tour included, as well as welcome and farewell dinner.


Outside  Ulaanbaatar we provide best possible quality tourist camps, chosen by their location as well as reliability and quality of service. Most of the tourist camps supply the Mongolian traditional dwelling Ger as guest’s accommodation. Normally three or two beds are in one Ger. If client want to stay alone in a Ger there will be an additional charge. The camp provides restaurant/ bar, western style toilet, washing facilities and showers. Three times daily, popular European or Mongolian food will be served. Also depends on the type of your trip, there are nomadic herders stay and tented stay. Mongolian nomadic people’s hospitality is so welcoming and unique, you will be invited to their traditional Ger and will be served authentic Mongolian meal. Also this is best chance to explore their culture, tradition and daily lifestyle. If you wish, you can take part of their daily activity (Ger building, milking the herds, and capturing the horses etc). On camping trips all equipment will be provided except from a sleeping bag. Tented camp will consist of kitchen tent, dinner tent, and sleeping tents (2 people sharing).During the camping trip you will be served three times daily meal by our professional field chef. Bottled mineral waters are included in all our trips.


Transfer between the city and airport will be arranged by4&4 Japanese jeep or mini buses. For outside Ulaanbaatar tours are made by 4&4 Japanese, Korean or Russian vehicles. Average daily covering distance is 100-300 km, most of them will be off road driving, but to the Karakorum, Hustai NP as well as some places close to Ulaanbaatar city will be on paved roads. Also horses and camels will serve as a transport during trekking or horseback riding tours. Domestic flights are as indicated in the itinerary.


In Ulaanbaatar, you will be dining at fine European and Mongolian restaurants. When you stay in Ger camps, the camp provides meals of mostly western cuisine and also Mongolian traditional cuisine. Most of the Mongolian traditional meal is based on meat, choices of beef, mutton, goat, chicken and, even sometimes yak. So, please let us know, if you have special request. If you are vegetarian, there is no problem. It is also available to have and taste traditional dairy products when you visit to nomad families. Bottled mineral water, tea and coffees are included in all our trips.


Our drivers and guides are some of the best in the industry as well as well experienced and travelled. They know every inch of their country and aspects. So just sit back and enjoy your trip, and let them handle all.