The Hustai National Park protected area lies 100km southwest of Ulaanbaatar and was established in 1993 to preserve Mongolia’s wild takhi (przewalski’s) horses and the environment in which they live. The takhi horse is unique to Mongolia where it existed until the 1960s. It is believed these horses have direct genetic links to prehistoric horses. After the sad extinction of the takhi horses in the wild, these beautiful animals have been reintroduced from captivity and they have taken well to their new freedom. They are not particularly afraid of humans and the harems (one stallion and several mares) are known to come quite close if visitors are quiet and calm. On the territory of Hustai National Park and its buffer zone there are many historical monuments exist like: monument ensemble of Ungut-famous with it is large number of man like figures, which belongs to 6-8 th century and. many other sepultures, rectangular tombs and ruin of old monastery.