Khushuu Tsaidam Memoral Complex is a Turkic inscribed monument of Turkic Empire. The inscription was written by the grandson of Kultegin and devoted to the Bilge khan of Turkic Empire and his brother Kultegin in 732. Bilge Khan's stele, well khown Orkhon Inscription is 3,3 m high, 1,3 m wide and has 68 rows of inscription. Bilge Khan, who was the latest King of Turkic Empire, ruled its country for 19 years. During the excavation of the memorial in 31th of July 2001, over 2000 finds were revealed and the most important one among them was a gemstone inlaid golden crown of Bilge Khan. There are over 40 runic stele in Mongolia and about 10 of them are located only in Orkhon Valley, that is why it was named Orkhon inscription. These 2 stele of Bilge Khan and Kultegin are 1 km apart from each other. These memorials were recognized as a "Cultural landscape" of the UNESCO World Heritage in 1996, although they had been destroyed much throughout its history of over thousand years.