Khukh Nuur” in the Khar Zurkh Mountain is a beautiful place located in Khentii province. Besides being a beautiful nature, the place is unique due to the fact that the most important event of history of Mongolia took place here. At this very place, 800 years ago in 1189, Temujin came to the throne of Mongolia and was given the honorific title of “Chinggis Khan”, meaning supreme or great. Therefore this place is closely linked to the life of great Chinggis Khan. The great contribution of Chinggis Khan to unify all the Mongol aimags and establish an empire that streched from Black sea to the Pacific ocean and Siberia to Tibet started from this place. Probably because Chinggis Khan had chosen this place as the starting point, he succeeded to establish such a great empire. “Khukh Nuur” in the Khar Zurkh Mountain is a beautiful fresh water lake located at 1675 meters above sea level. The surrounding areas of the lake are forested Mountains which together form one of the most attractive places in Mongolia. The stone ruins of a ger with a diameter of 15 meters on the south side of this lake could be the ruins of the palace ger where Chinggis Khan was proclaimed khan. There are also wooden statues in the forest dedicated to Chingis Khan and the next 32 khans of Mongolia. The surrounding area of Khukh Nuur is quiet and peaceful place, wonderful for hiking&relaxation.