It is one of the most popular eco destinations of Mongolia  and covers about 20000 hectare. Amazingly, Gun-Galuut is the state combined from diversity of ecosystem although it owns comparatively small area. The harmonized complex of high mountains, steppes, rivers, lakes and wetlands as well are kept enough as its original condition. It is a home to endangered wild Mountain sheep-Argali, White napped crane, Siberian white crane, Hooded crane and the rare black stork, Azian heron, Whooper swan, Swan goose and so on. Over 200 Argali sheep inhabit peacefully in Gun Galuut now. Whoever visiting enjoys to see Gun-Galuut vast steppe seems to meet the sky, the imposing mountains Baits and Berkh, a home land of rare creatures, Ikh-Gun and Ayaga lakes, a paradise of birds, Kherlen, the longest river of Mongolia and Tsengiin Burd wetland, in where water and wetland birds lay their eggs. Place is ideal for hiking, horse and camel riding, bird watching  and experiencing lifestyle of local nomad people, rafting and fishing, camping in the wild or just watching wild animals and enjoying photo opportunities.