The square features a bronze statue of Sukhbaatar (1921-Revolutionary hero of Mongolia) astride his horse. In 2013 the city authorities changed the name from Sukhbaatar Square to Chinggis Khaan Square, although many citizens still refer to it by the old name.

The enormous marble construction at the north end was completed in 2006 in time for the 800th anniversary of Chinggis Khaan’s coronation. At its centre is a seated bronze Chinggis Khaan Statue, lording it over his nation. He is flanked by Ogedei (on the west) and Khublai (east). Two famed Mongol soldiers (Boorchu and Mukhlai) guard the entrance to the monument.

Behind the Chinggis monument stands Parliament House, which is commonly known as Government House. To the east of the square is the 1970s Soviet-style Cultural Palace, a useful landmark containing the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery and several other cultural institutions. At the southeast corner of the square, the State Opera & Ballet Theatre. Just south of the Opera House is the symbol of the country's new wealth, Central Tower, which houses luxury shops including Louis Vuitton and Armani.