Budget Accommodations

Budget accommodations

We provide online confirmed bookings for hostels, budget accommodations for our clients who book Mongolian tours with us. Please contact us and provide us with full names, sex, country, destinations, dates and your questions. 

Local guest gers in the countryside

There are local guest gers available across the country, which is attached to the main travel destinations. Local guest Gers are, normally local nomadic family run small businesses and rent extra Gers for travelers. Comparing to the tourist Ger camps, local guest Gers doesn’t provide shower facilities and you will be served mainly Mongolian authentic dishes. Apart from that local guest Gers are comfortable enough, clean and if you are looking for cheaper options local guest Gers can be excellent choice 

Hostels in Ulaanbaatar

Also there are number of hostels and guest houses available in the Ulaanbaatar city. Price ranges from somewhere between 30$- 10$, defending on your room choice. Most of them located around the city center and provide basic facilities: shower, washing machine, laundry service, free internet access etc…