Travel Services

Our Individual Travel Services

If you need any single or package travel services from the below list for your private trip or work please contact us. We are always happy to serve and help you. 

·         Airport/train station pick up and drop off  

·         Mongolian visa support  

·         Guides/interpreters  

·         Flight/train ticket booking  

Airport/train stations pick up and drop off

Please contact us with your full name, arrival time, place of departure /destination and number of people in your party. Upon your request we will provide you further necessary information for this service.

One way pick up or drop off service from/to Chinggis Khan Airport costs 40 USD. 

One way pick up or drop off service from/to Ulaanbaatar Train station costs 20 USD. 

Mongolian visa support letter

We will provide, free of charge, a visa support invitation letter for our clients who book Mongolian tours with us and require a visa. 

Also we offer other customers Mongolian visa support services with a small service charge. If you need help obtaining a Mongolian visa, contact us. 

Guide/interpreter service 

If you need a reliable, experienced, knowledgeable and friendly guide/interpreter for your individual tour experience, contact us and give use your plans and any specific requirements. Service fee is flexible depending on language type, experience of the guide and duration of the tour.  

International flight/train ticket booking

We help our customers book flights and train tickets to/from Mongolia. If you book your Mongolia tours with us this delightful service will be complimentary for you.  

Please contact us and provide us with full names, sex, country, destinations, dates and your questions.