Preparation checklists

This of course depends on the type of trip you are taking, its length and the time of year. We recommend traveling as light as possible. Better to pack in portable bag rather than hard suitcases that are difficult to fit into vehicles and on the backs of camels or horses. A sturdy, comfortable pair of walking shoes or boots is an absolute. Travelers should bring shirts, sweaters, and jackets that can be worn in layers to suit a range of climates. Wash-and-wear clothing is preferable, although all hotels and tourist camps offer reliable laundry and dry cleaning services. The luggage limit on domestic flight is 15 kg, with a 2-3$ per kg surcharge depending on your destination. You can leave any items which are unnecessary for the countryside trip at the hotel.  Some hotels charge for baggage storage, some not.


Necessary documents-passport, visa, travel insurance, air or train tickets

Money-cash, credit card

Money belt

First aid kit or medicine box

Common toiletries-toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo etc.(Mongolian tourist camps do not provide those things, but you can also buy from Mongolia).

Razor, maybe hair dryer

Sunscreen, lip balm. Mosquito spray

Wet tissues, hand sanitizer

Sunglasses, hat, headscarf

Torch, alarm clock, pocket knife

Refillable water bottle

Waterproof trekking boots (for trekking tours)

Suitable boots and helmet (for horseback riding tours)

Sleeping bag (for tented stay)

Camera, film, binoculars.