Meet the team


Amarzaya. Ch-Managing director

Born and raised in Khujirt soum of Ovorkhangai province (close to Karakorum), she is very proud of her roots. Her childhood years and memories are very much same regular Mongolian nomadic child. Later she came to study in Ulaanbaatar and from there she developed her love of tourism. Mrs Amarzaya graduated from ‘University of the Humanities" in 2001 as a English translator. She started her career as a guide when she was a student, and after graduation she pursued her career in the tourism industry, has been working at some of the top Mongolian tour companies. In 2004 she upgraded her knowledge and graduated from “Academy of Management of Government Mongolia’ in business management. She had travelled extensively throughout Mongolia, and her extremely valuable knowledge about Mongolian culture and tradition, over 15 years of experience in the tourism industry is key engine of our company. She speaks fluent English.



Erka-Erdenechuluun.T-Sales manager

When you email to the company, Erka will be the first person will get your email and respond it. Erka has been working as a sales manager, since 2004 after her graduation from ‘Ikh Zasag’ University in tourism management and marketing. Since her student days she worked as a tour guide and achieved fabulous travel experience and knowledge about the country. She upgraded her skills and knowledge about market features by studying in England for 2 years. Communicating with clients, creating and helping to plan custom made itineraries of unique travel products due to client’s wishes and offering those at most reasonable prices are what she experienced with her years of working. With her help and advice your journey will be unforgettable experience. She speaks fluent English.





Binderiya. B-Tour operation manager

Binderiya graduated from State University in 2007 with specialization on tour operator’s office management. She is responsible for the hotel, camp, train ticket, air ticket reservations and other local bookings and contracts with them. She knows well about duties and functions of the position, as well as handling all them in good order. Also she keeps in close contact with the tour guides and makes sure the tours are arranged in order.






Batbayar.B-Quality inspector

Batbayar is a major person in operating all our expeditions. He manages with camping gears and travel equipments, which are also main factors to generate satisfied clients with our service. As he is specialist in mechanism himself, he is also responsible for arranging all expedition vehicle and double check the reliability of the cars prior to start.






Our guides

Wild&Vast Tours of Mongolia offers well experienced and educated, as well as qualified guides. We are fully understood that once you are on the road, most important thing is having a good knowledgeable guide and excellent drivers. All guides are expected to possess an excellent knowledge of geology, history and culture, as well as communication skills

Our drivers

Most of the Mongolian travel routes are unpaved and unmarked, that requires outstanding skills and years or experience. Our drivers have a minimum 6 years of experience, some of them even over 20 years of experience. As well as they are good mechanics, able to take care of any slightest damages, even though they already have reliable vehicles.